Wednesday, December 10, 2014

from The Southern Journal for Applied Idiopathy archival materials on paper

From an unprinted letter to the editor left behind in the paper archives:

"After decades of symptoms brushed aside by doctors, I don't know that I'll survive a seventh decade: these doctors are now given to longevity, even though most can afford to drink and smoke the best. Without a new generation to take up the banner, change risks being slow in idiopathic treatments."

Author's name withheld pending advice; the editors, The Southern Journal for Applied Idiopathy.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Husserl Wollheim electron object art

Philosophy TA : Husserl on EIDOS; sceptical student might consider 'electron' post-chromodynamics. ; not as concept ! Individuals ??

See also: Wollheim 68/71 on art objects

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

autumn window prepared for winter

Yesterday, from our breakfast table window, Fredericton

RealTime IT process monitor

CS tech and IT get realtime in late retirement : your last move has come when you part with the OS/2 memorabilia.

Friday, September 26, 2014

red flashlight app HTMLonly alternative

These "red flashlight" and "astronomy flashlight" and "telescope flashlight" app's claim that they need to know WHAT about my identity and wireless connection and ...

So here is the minimum: a simple red HTML-only web page ( no 9-LED lamps )

It has a description ; if has some blank space ; it has a background colour ; it has a few paragraph and span elements to keep your browser content.  But they are empty.  Just non-breaking spaces.

Excuse me for no using a real Unicode hyphen above.

If you want a different shade of red, copy the page and alter the CSS style settings.  There is no Hidden JavaScript or 1-pixel iframe or FLASH or any other crap of any kind.

And wishing you clear night skies free of your neighbour's light pollution.

PS  Note that its extension is dot HTM to save you a keystroke after the keyboard "minus sign" nuisance in my URL.


I have added an alternative for those north of 25N as for which the trick is to hit F11 and then to use CTRL-minus and CTRL-plus to go from mostly red screen to a simple star chart for Lacerta and environs.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Open Command Window Here Win7

The old XP "Power Toy" Open Command Window Here became a menu option in the Windows 7 Explorer (the desktop file explorer for "Computer" or "Documents" etc.) but you must do more than Right-Click on a folder to Open Command Window Here — you must SHIFT-RIGHT-CLICK to be offered that super-user pop-up menu option.

The SH-Right-Click Open Command Window Here selection will open a cmd session on the selected folder as the presentworkingdirectory (sic).

But the 'w' key will also go to New !

If you peek at the HTML of this blog post you should see some of the worst HTML that a Google asset can generate.

Oh, had the web only embraced MIT Curl as Markdown+Styles+Scripts ! #MSS

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Observing left of Cygnus

Observing "left" of Cygnus and a bit "down" reveals first a prominent pair of stars and then a remarkable large triangle of stars.

What is lost when a culture no longer offers an OLD story about these ? Far from Deneb and Sadr, I would be happier with a story about Antares that preserved both its distance and its size relative to our Sol and, say, Betelgeuse.

What is most worrying is if we lose the habit of observing the night sky, whether we construct our own asterisms or follow the houses of constellations from The East or from The West or those of a sci-fi series gone viral or whatever.

Observing the night sky through a lens has aspects which would surprise ... whether "splitting" binary stars or learning to "SEE" faint non-stellar objects.

Arendt missed so much when she went after the telescope, mouthing the certainties that Heidegger had flung at his old master, Husserl. The sons of Husserl are a story so unlike the Heidegger story.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jetty file server refresher

Jetty HTTP server has left MortBay for Eclipse and since version 9.1 there are some things that I needed to know when I looked to take a little Jetty refresher.

Over at jetty you will see this important note:

Demo Base

Since release 9.1.0, the jetty distribution does not deploy any demo web applications, so to see a more interesting demonstration of the server you need to run from the demo-base directory as follows:
> cd $JETTY_HOME/demo-base/
> java -jar ../start.jar  
Pointing a browser at http://localhost:8080, will now show a welcome page and several demo/test web applications.
What that meant in my case on Win7 when running cmd from my own jetty install directory 
cd demo-base
java -jar ../start.jar
which then gave me the full Jetty demo at

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Theism and consciousness in light of stellar astronomy

Theism should not take much consolation in the problems which philosophy and neurology face in accounting for the simple fact of consciousness.

Prior to quantum theory, the creationist could take shelter in theism because the evolutionist had no chemical explanation of a sun of solar mass "burning fuel" for billions of years.

But it was chemistry itself that was to receive a new foundation which would permit a nuclear theory of stellar 'evolution'. Neither the subsequent discovery of quasars or black holes or the hypothesizing of dark mater or dark energy have placed this stellar model in question.  Quite the opposite is the case.

The solar story is not trivial : the time for a photon to reach the surface of the Sun from a fusion event in the core of the Sun is astonishing ... as astonishing as the roughly nine minutes to reach the Earth.

With the Hubble use of Cepheid variable stars as a standard, the size of the visible universe became truly astonishing.

We can expect to be just as astonished by an account of the emergence or appearance of "what it is like to be a young crow observing an older crow accomplishing a task" in a universe that at one time did not have the form bird or the substance of individual birds let alone problem-solving birds or the observing of those performances.

The issue is not materialism or mechanism. The double-slit experiment involves no clear commitment to either, but the theories proposed do reveal some surprising mathematical affinities and some very high confirmation of experimental predictions.

Chemistry has no option to return to pre-quanta days and philosophy has no prospect of returning to the "rational soul" of Aristotle or Aquinas — nor is there any hope of animal souls being material while human souls are "rational". That ship has sailed off the end of a flat earth.

See: Thomas Nagel: Mind and Cosmos

Thursday, September 4, 2014

On variable stars and the rationality of theories

It is not yet 5 a.m. under a clear dark sky and I have made the decision to write this note rather than to do some star-gazing ( I have one of Al Nagler's "Televue Ranger" at my disposal here with a few of his lenses well-suited to it.)

I would like to defend the thesis that the extinguishing of intelligent life on the only planet with such intelligence in the only galaxy with such life forms would result in the demise of Cepheid variables as instances of a type but not variable stars as instances of a type. Nor would it have the consequence that there had, in fact, never been Cepheid variables. What is not clear to me is how to defend the claim that those variable stars would remain a suitable means to measure intergalactic distances in light-years or in AU ( astronomical units ) or in parsecs.

The need to defend the Hubble metric stars is in the interest of a far more important claim, to wit, that the quasars remain whatever they are or were, that magnetars remain a poor location for the re-emergence of intelligent life forms and that dark energy remains whatever it is.

The anecdotal side of this is my reading of the poetry of Alain Grandbois. His "étoiles" were not the stars of Galileo in much the same sense that Heidegger was arguing about with Husserl at about the same time and which was later repeated by Arendt late in her book, "The Human Condition".

Husserl began in astronomy, but by the time of Hubble's discoveries, Heidegger had him convinced that the Galilean viewpoint somehow perverted our relation to the heavens above ... perhaps not during daylight hours or when under heavy cloud, but certainly during clear moonless nights.

Not too long after Husserl's death, a Black Brandt rocket was sent aloft to determine a direction of a stellar x-ray source. Consider the possibility that this experiment and subsequent orbital parallax studies had revealed an unstable near-by star, that, say, Antares were in fact smaller than Betelgeuse and closer than Sirius. Suppose, further, that we were able to surmise that a minor cosmic event, a routine supernova, was about to wipe out this small home planet of intelligent life but that unbeknownst to us, it would also be wiping out not only the only such life in this galaxy, but also such life in any galaxy including any location since the Big Bang itself and, further, that due to a quirk of Dark Energy and cosmic expansion, that magnetars were about to become FAR more common, reducing any prospect for subsequent rational beings to evolve anywhere in this universe.

One motivation that I have for this line of musing is the thought that Strong AI has not brought philosophers to shift their view of theory makers closer to that of their view of computing machines, but rather it has helped to shift their view of us to one in which we are seen as closer to other mammalian species (specifically, cetacean and primate) and led us to puzzle over crows and octopi.

The theory of evolution and the new evidence for ubiquitous planets and a far higher number of brown dwarfs should motivate investigation by way of thought experiments as to why solving puzzles about ones more global, as-it-were, "wide" environment, suggests the rationality of theorizing for problem-solving beings.

The Japanese, prior to enforced contact with the Western powers, were content with their "River of Stars". Fording rivers in flood and bridging rivers were both major concerns in Japan, as was boating uneventfully across rivers. The star-river, our Milky Way, the "galaxy" of the Greeks, is a trope of sorts in a great deal of extant Japanese poetry. Given to poetry competitions, the Japanese thinker was not without problems to solve concerning the mention of stars in either linked verse or witty verse. Rules abound and these rules themselves made the tasks of poesis problematic.  Each time the practice became merely formulaic, something of a revolution occurred, and the very possibilities of the poetic praxis were re-thought through the emergence of a new poetic product, the last cycle, perhaps, having been that of the haiku of Shiki.

In my own work as a writer, I am beset with a scenario in which a cloud-bedecked planet is inhabited by those who do not know why sometimes the normally red fundament above glows strangely orange and why they perish of such truly horrible diseases although there are myths of happier ends in former times. These beings, we would say, would be inhabiting a planet in orbit about a centre of mass in common with a nearby red dwarf that, in turn, is in an orbital dance with a very unstable red giant that is about to shed its first outer layers in what we know to be a very common pattern in this universe.

[ to be continued ]

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

hard and soft science

When chemists had no model of the nuclear process of stars, the notion of a star of a known mass "burning" for billions of years seemed to put evolution in doubt as a plausible account of planetary life.

This may be where the legal system finds itself when looking to social psychology with regards to organizations such as Scientology.  The SEA Organization requires an explanation, but we do not have the neuro-linguistic-social science to account for someone staying with that organzation for that length of time under those conditions ... let alone signing a billion-year contract.

But when we have the science, will the USA's IRS revise the status of such organizations ?

Will the APA offer Margaret Sanger a posthumous apology ? After all, look at where they were at on homosexuality when I was a student ...


The stellar models of astrophysics combined with the DNA model of biochemistry have made evolution a fact : this one fact has a significant impact on, of all things, philosophy. And now the role of the intra-gene DNA ... and the roles of many, many bacteria in our health (not disease, health.)

But I still feel uneasy using that harmless saccharine ... pass the phenylalanine, will ya ? I'm trying to restrict my dextrose use ... and a little BHT for my rice crisps, if you have it ...

Norway is not Denmark

The horror is that even Denmark will need to import natural gas in your children's lifetime.

The greater horror is the facade maintained by petroleum in Norway.  It will be viewed with such disgust in so few years.  What utter folly.  Who were they kidding ?

The grown-ups used to say things about the Romans and their empire, then as a young man it was fashionable to mock the KK Empire of the Viennese prior to 1918.

Stand on a street corner this morning at rush hour and then re-read what the writer wrote about the teahouse and its damp mat, that shabby shack being built near the ground.

agism redux hashtag retweet

Someone at Raspberry Pi thinks that the hashtag "grandpascarer" is suitable for retweet. 

"Other people are mortal ; 
I am not other people" 

Logic of a sort — for those who think their time will never come.

Did they see the calc sim's in HTML5+CSS3 on the CodeProject link today ? Those were ported to what ? Hmmm.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The kanji part of my work as of now

漢字 · かんじ

Aule Kanji Pages · Kanji Recog Pages

This is the way things are now in this part of my work :

Curl 8.0 applet ( curl9 ) in Firefox with Perapera + desktop CintaNotes 2.7.1
2 browse plugins : Surge RTE for Curl and Perapera for kanji definitions

Monday, August 11, 2014

hypoactive sexual desire disorder

In an earlier hominid species or even before we left Africa, hypoactive sexual desire disorder might have increased the likelihood that the leader aunties in time of relative peace would not be distracted by egotistical young males.  In time of strife and conflict, those males made the mistakes that could doom the group ; in more stable times, those older females co-operated in the invention and/or transmission of culture.  In stable times, let the experienced females increase the prospects for the group's longevity.

A woman with little interest in procreating was probably the inventor of agriculture.

As culture evolved, her fate would have been unpleasant.  Or do you think it was an old uncle ?  An introspective and analytical  male who was never the alpha of the group ?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Glenn Gould and Nobuyuki Yuasa on way North

Glenn Gould, 1967, and  Nobuyuki Yuasa, 1966, as I read Bashō haiku to the sound of Bach piano :

serendipity or ?

Nobuyuki Yuasa 1966 text and the Glenn Gould 1967 broadcast

The Japaneses translator : "In the imagination of the people at least, the North was "

#insight #inspiration #serendipity #haiku #Bach #solitude #TheNorth 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just Baked Gluten-free at Fredericton Boyce Farmers' Market

I spent the last few hours setting up basic web pages and an alternative WordPress static page and default post for

They have a baked goods table at the Fredericton Boyce Farmers' Market with delicious gluten-free baked goods.

And I just saw a POST for what will be at the market tomorrow !

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rexroth Yosano Akiko error

Here is a snap from Google Books showing the error in my print edition of Rexroth 1976 : oka and yūhi have been transposed.

It is my belief that if the original Japanese version had been included, a Japanese proof-reader would have caught this error. in seeing the obvious : 夕日の岡に is yūhi no oka ni. And why the silly initial cap's in the roumaji transcription?

But will it be corrected in the Kindle edition ?

No such error is found on pg 55 of "Ferris Wheel", 2006, with

金色の ちひさき鳥の かたちして 銀杏ちるなり 夕日の岡に

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

less with more

Amazon is selling a "newer" edition of the Shiffert translations of Yosa Buson haiku in which the Japanese original has been dropped ... but errors have been introduced into the Latin character roumaji transcriptions which were "retainied" !!

If there is a case for an ebook, this is it.

The W.S. Merwin follows the available editions of Buson haikushuu fairly closely ... but with no Japanese other than more faithful transcriptions of the kanji and kana into roumaji.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Germain Nouveau et les astres

If Germain Nouveau had lived another 3 years, would he have learned of Hubble's work on the nebulae ? But for that of Monseigneur Georges Lemaître, he would have had to live past 1927 to hear of it.

But from "Immensité", what was his grasp of the facts known of les astres when he emerged as poet and when he emerged from the asylum ?

Would he have been amused to know that Hubble's name would be attached to the work of Lemaître ?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

gmail myself URL

Sometimes I just want to quickly send myself a note that I will see later when I check my gmail.

Assuming that you are currently logged into Google mail, here is a URL that works ( you edit it to suit you ) :

It is HTTPS and ends with tf=1

Note that the %40 is the code for the '@' sign in your gmail id.

my Navajo cousins

Someone says that the Navajo claim to always have been there ... but I prefer the honesty of the Apache, who say that as bandits, they naturally followed the Navajo there.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

architects and conspiracy nutters

Perhaps it is time to require that architects have at least a completed major in physics.  The case for requiring this of civil engineers and structural engineers has already been made.

No, engineers are not scientists, but they must at least be able to distinguish science from utter BS.

And what about historians ?  How little science can be known and still claim to be an historian ?

Anonymous ART of Revolution

The Facebook pages of Anonymous ART of Revolution have very little art but a good deal of sophomoric non sequiturs.

The worst is on Jacob Rothschild ... quite disgusting and eliciting comments from neo-N*zis and other advocates of hate and assassination.

Monday, May 26, 2014

la Patrie · Родина

That novelists' publisher need not be concerned for the title of that author's most recent novel being "Fatherland"  — at least not in French and Russian translations.

Vladimir Kornilov's poem, спор, makes this very clear ( I think the title of that poem should be "Indisputable" ) in arguing ( after a fashion ) that the state is power, but the motherland is something quite other ... rather like the Lithuania imagined in the poems of the late Czesław Miłosz, I imagine.

cp: Batkivshchyna / Батьківщина as 'our native land' ( The Nfld equivalent for their 'race' ? )

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Brodsky Leningrad Visas

Nixon is coming to Moscow and a professor of Soviet Studies from Yale has been visiting  poet in Leningrad.

The Professor driven from Marburg is struggling to return and has come as far as Amsterdam.  But was this student of the logician also smoking ?

Did Akhmatova's 1945 visitor ever stop at Bard ?

As Brodsky might have told Volkov, abstract from the circumstances.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

data imagined humour

I suspect that a survey of Tea Party activists would reveal that most believe that anti-gravity scooters will soon out-sell home-built aircraft kits, but that most of those do not believe in evolution and many do not believe that NASA sent astronauts to the moon, or if it did, those chumps never made it back DOWN to earth.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Warhol Amiga Commodore

BBC : "Warhol works recovered from old Amiga disks"

Someone should tell Carl Sassenrath before he empties his basement !

REBOL ~ rebol3 ~ Red Programming Language #Red #Rebol

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

quantum stew first step ( for any "Mr. Nobody" sequel )

If a sufficient number of photons travel through a double-slit to trigger a latch controlled by a detector such that either food is added to the trough of a crowded rabbit hutch or one rabbit is allowed to escape that hutch — well in either event we may be excused for thinking that the universe may not so much have split as merely to have answered a possible question as to whether we should have brought a shotgun with the gunny sack.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Brunswick Tourism web page annotation folly

The NB tour-us page at
offers which text characters to select (not to copy, but that also would be reasonable given that HTML is hyperTEXT ?)

Characters as Text to select is how browser annotation of web pages is done usually. Displaying a URL is optional in most browsers now. So … how to make a note about visiting NB and keep that note linked to that page with one click ? ANSWER: select text characters at ?

Tip : my annotation tool uses CTRL-F12 as the note hotkey when text is selected. OneNote would make a pointless image-copy if there were no text to select. Perhaps the staff programmers do not even know that the Tx icon means "remove text formatting" — or why some browsers offer "copy as plain text."

Friday, April 18, 2014

NRC less-than-smart astro web page

My nomination for the least "smart" web page from a science organization is the solar emphemeris page ( in this case merely sunrise and sunset times ) of Canada's National Research Council.

Not only can this page not divine my location in Canada, it cannot set DST in Canada.

And it does not know today's date, let allowing a click for tomorrow's instead.

Elegant minimalism ?  Or just not very smart ?

Yes there's dumber to be found : public agency home pages with no text to select for annotation/clipping (only images, Flash, QuickTime.)  When the copyright and contact link are images without ALT text, you know we have reached the illiterate web.

HTML is text ? Wadda concept.

You mean you can set the style of the h1 element ? Cool !

Monday, April 7, 2014

Anne Hébert Anne Frank

Did Anne Hébert, the poet, ever read an unexpurgated Anne Frank diary ?

Surely she would have been astounded by the candour, given her own slightly veiled exstases.


see :
The Diary of Anne Frank: The Revised Critical Edition (2003)

Anne Frank  (Author), Arnold J. Pomerans (Translator), B. M. Mooyaart-Doubleday (Translator), Susan Massotty (Translator), Harry Paape (Introduction), Gerrold van der Stroom (Introduction), David Barnouw (Introduction), H. J. J. Hardy (Collaborator)

Friday, March 28, 2014

not yet ebooks

By tearing apart two paperback editions of Faubion Bowers' haiku collection I can have single pages in a poetry scrapbook by cut-n-paste alone.

By buying 2 copies of the ebook I cannot even hide the Rōmaji transcriptions let alone paste in the hiragana ... not to mention the missing kanji of the original !

Saturday, March 22, 2014

conflict in apprenticeship and enthusiasms

[ the following was briefly a Facebook post ]

my suspicion is that his marxism provides the required distance for my reading M. M-Ponty, whereas in C.M. it is his problematic Catholicism/paganism and with EC his own problematic relationship to his ethnicity as a Spaniolen Jew of eastern Bulgaria.

is that distance become a requirement for me as a reader in reaction my own problematic relationship to the leftist sycophants of the Berkeley and Columbia ex-pats in their prairie haven ?

With IM a motive in my reading is not her affair with EC at all, but is surely my suspicion of her having had an affair with that great CDN Catholic thinker ; with EH his troubling conversion to Lutheranism ...

Could I re-read Herzog or Humboldt's Gift with pleasure today, at my age, now ? Amusement, perhaps ? All that Chicago great snooks posturing !

And myself today, self-conscious as a Metis reader ? 

[ in lieu of another response to Morrissey or a letter to a Poitras cousin ]

Friday, March 21, 2014

arbitrating open discovery

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers lists 14 states as having the "least discovery in the nation." They are New York, Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wyoming and Virginia.
But there may be a dark side to open discovery laws. Criminals might use the information from prosecutors to learn the identities of their accusers, and then intimidate them before they testify.
But why can we not take a page from the French and have an independent magistrate arbitrate just what shall be subject to redaction and just what might be reasonably and legally withheld?