Wednesday, August 27, 2014

hard and soft science

When chemists had no model of the nuclear process of stars, the notion of a star of a known mass "burning" for billions of years seemed to put evolution in doubt as a plausible account of planetary life.

This may be where the legal system finds itself when looking to social psychology with regards to organizations such as Scientology.  The SEA Organization requires an explanation, but we do not have the neuro-linguistic-social science to account for someone staying with that organzation for that length of time under those conditions ... let alone signing a billion-year contract.

But when we have the science, will the USA's IRS revise the status of such organizations ?

Will the APA offer Margaret Sanger a posthumous apology ? After all, look at where they were at on homosexuality when I was a student ...


The stellar models of astrophysics combined with the DNA model of biochemistry have made evolution a fact : this one fact has a significant impact on, of all things, philosophy. And now the role of the intra-gene DNA ... and the roles of many, many bacteria in our health (not disease, health.)

But I still feel uneasy using that harmless saccharine ... pass the phenylalanine, will ya ? I'm trying to restrict my dextrose use ... and a little BHT for my rice crisps, if you have it ...

Norway is not Denmark

The horror is that even Denmark will need to import natural gas in your children's lifetime.

The greater horror is the facade maintained by petroleum in Norway.  It will be viewed with such disgust in so few years.  What utter folly.  Who were they kidding ?

The grown-ups used to say things about the Romans and their empire, then as a young man it was fashionable to mock the KK Empire of the Viennese prior to 1918.

Stand on a street corner this morning at rush hour and then re-read what the writer wrote about the teahouse and its damp mat, that shabby shack being built near the ground.

agism redux hashtag retweet

Someone at Raspberry Pi thinks that the hashtag "grandpascarer" is suitable for retweet. 

"Other people are mortal ; 
I am not other people" 

Logic of a sort — for those who think their time will never come.

Did they see the calc sim's in HTML5+CSS3 on the CodeProject link today ? Those were ported to what ? Hmmm.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The kanji part of my work as of now

漢字 · かんじ

Aule Kanji Pages · Kanji Recog Pages

This is the way things are now in this part of my work :

Curl 8.0 applet ( curl9 ) in Firefox with Perapera + desktop CintaNotes 2.7.1
2 browse plugins : Surge RTE for Curl and Perapera for kanji definitions

Monday, August 11, 2014

hypoactive sexual desire disorder

In an earlier hominid species or even before we left Africa, hypoactive sexual desire disorder might have increased the likelihood that the leader aunties in time of relative peace would not be distracted by egotistical young males.  In time of strife and conflict, those males made the mistakes that could doom the group ; in more stable times, those older females co-operated in the invention and/or transmission of culture.  In stable times, let the experienced females increase the prospects for the group's longevity.

A woman with little interest in procreating was probably the inventor of agriculture.

As culture evolved, her fate would have been unpleasant.  Or do you think it was an old uncle ?  An introspective and analytical  male who was never the alpha of the group ?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Glenn Gould and Nobuyuki Yuasa on way North

Glenn Gould, 1967, and  Nobuyuki Yuasa, 1966, as I read Bashō haiku to the sound of Bach piano :

serendipity or ?

Nobuyuki Yuasa 1966 text and the Glenn Gould 1967 broadcast

The Japaneses translator : "In the imagination of the people at least, the North was "

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