Monday, June 29, 2009

A new home for Aule Browser ...

Aule Browser is now residing at

There are still come kinks for Mac and Linux users ...

And I must find time to get Self 4.4 on my linux box from ...

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Aule Browser: a simple web browser

Over at our LogiqueWerks pages we have a demo to run or to download of our Aule Browser. No, not "eule" as in OWL, but "aule" as in hall or entry-way ( an name I once suggested for the Io programming language.)

This is a Curl 7.0 browser using the EmbeddedBrowserGraphic class from Curl 6.0

On my Windows with IE8 as my default browser, it loads the Microsoft Trident HTML rendering engine. On linux it may load a Mozilla engine if you have Firefox installed.

It only adds about 1.2 to 1.6 MB to the Curl runtime environment unlike our massive big-brother browsers.

And it will be highly configurable because Curl is also a declarative language like HTML and since version 6.0 has had a stylesheet mechanism.

But Curl also has macros and first-class anonymous functions and traits and multiple-ionheritance and JIT compiles dynamically to machine code and has about a decade as a trusted and secure enterprise environment.

In the Aule Browser, each command button is declared, much as you would in HTML or another declarative language.

Because Curl is able to load packages dynamically, comes with async call built-in and with sub-appelts for background processes, my 5MB of research bookmarks will not choke the browser as they do Maxthon and not make the browser crawl as they do IE8. And that grinding sound on my hardrive while FireFox is loading?

And anything Chrome can do, we can do. So there.

Expect the Aule Browser to evolve as our other LogiqueWerks site-specific browsers evolve: with simple to do templating and configuration for task: research, hobby, eBay, ning, twine ...

To view the demo online or runtime desktop demo, you must first install the Curl Runtime Engine for Windows, Mac or linux. The same Aule Browser curl code will run on all 3 platforms.

Monday, June 22, 2009

ObjectIcon is UNICODE ICON

There are recent updates to code and wiki by Robert Parlett over at the google code ObjectIcon project including UNICODE in ICON.
ucs (standing for Unicode character string) is a new builtin type, whose behaviour closely mirrors that of the conventional Icon string. It operates by providing a wrapper around a conventional [...] Icon string, which must be in utf-8 format

For SVN, you might want to use
svn checkout objecticon-read-only

The lack of UNICODE in UNICON has been a worry: now there is an ICON + OOP alternative. UNICODE arrived recently in swi-prolog and is now in the alpha of REBOL3.

Languages which parse strings but are not UNICODE by 2010 cannot be of much interest in their intended niche in China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia ...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Site-specific Browsers in Curl for sensitive content

Over at the Logiquewerks home page there are new links and pages for the topic of SSB's (site-specific browsers) implemented in Curl.

One type of browser that we are exploring is a Rich Internet Client for viewing confidential, "eyes-only", content which we call our "Eyes-Only Web Content Viewer"

At the moment there is a bare-bones demo for an Evernote SSB and a more complete prototype for an "Eyes-Only" browser with a "controller" which prevents copying or screen-snapshots unlike the "privacy" modes now in some browsers. Unlike Mozilla Prism, these Curl SSB's can be declared at the time of request of the content from the server to have whatever widgets are useful for task, such as annotating bids or signalling rejection. One use we are exploring is using the "eye-only browser" for code-reviews of proprietary code in software development - such as code developed off-shore where the ISP does not have in-house expertise to assess the vendor code.

All are intended for enterprise use in Internet Explorer only. The only requirement is the Curl RTE: no JavaScript or other plugins.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Curl and string-scanning

Over at the Curl Developer Center I added a comment to a post on string-scanning. I keep meaning to post on my efforts with RDF in REBOL and in Curl. But I have a few other TODO's on my GTD paths blocking my way ... now off to the first wedding of one of my own children's school friends ... tempus fugit.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

CommonTag Press Release

The partners in CommonTag have a press release to the effect that their tag format has been standardized on URL-oriented RDFa.

Partners include Zemanta, Zigtag, Yahoo, Freebase and Faviki.

At one partner site I could not find CommonTag as a suggested tag ...

Curl code available

If you install even a trial version of the Curl language IDE you will find a folder full of Curl code which runs under the IDE, namely the Visual Layout Editor code.

An example directory might be Surge\8\ide\vle\editor in your Program Files\curl folder on Windows XP.