Saturday, February 9, 2008

CURL6 in the RIA news

There has been good news lately at the site with Curl winning the InfoWorld 2008 RIA development platform award and with Richard Monson-Haefel coming on-board to replace the late Marc Orchant.
I continue to try to create the urban legend that CURL stands for {url

My latest enthusiasm is to see features of ICON and UNICON appear in CURL 7 as an alternative to regexp - an extension which would also see back-tracking added to CURL. There must be a way to start that rumor ...

Some other sites seem noticably quiet, such as but I continue to watch the DLR site of IronPython.

It was also great to see a new Win32 package for IO available at

And of course there is a lot of activity via the ALTME link of with the alpha-release of REBOL3 ... and that page has a link to Carl Sassenrath's Rebol3 Frontline blog.