Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sabrent powered USB wireless antenna without RALink Utility

If you want to run the Sabrent powered wireless antenna without running the RALink Wireless Utility on Windows, be sure that you have the error logging service running as well as the zero config service and then bridge the USB wireless to your Ethernet conx in the Windows Network connections window.

Ignore the red 'X' on the icon and enjoy being able to "standby" or "sleep" without the aggravation of resetting the wireless connection when your desktop wakes up.

You may have to click "disable" for your on-board wireless, but that is almost certainly harmless. Check status to be sure that packets are going across the intended faster wireless connection !

Antennas have improved since we were kids ... but utility companies ?

running RedNotebook journal 1.7.1 on XP and Win7

If you are trying to run the RedNotebook 1.7.1 journal / diary on a Windows desktop you may have hit the same problems which I have had to resolve on XP Sp3 and Win7 Home Premium with Sp1.

If your Win XP environment contains a PYTHONHOME variable then you must set it to something inocuous such as a dot for the current directory of the Rednotebook.

I am doing this with a call to X-RedNotebook.exe in a 3-line BAT file which I summon from a 2-line VBS script that has a shortcut on my desktop ( this keeps a daft black DOS shell window from hanging around.)

On Win7 Home Premium Sp1 I could not get 1.7.1 to run as the X-RedNotebook variant until I had dragged in copies of the DLL's of which it was complaining as missing.

If you need details, drop a note.

If your upgrade to 1.7.1 went without a hitch, I would love to know the secret !

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

PQ Marois brinkmanship lesson

As reported on the web by ABC "GO" news:

R. Bruce Josten, executive vice president of the Chamber of Commerce for government affairs, urged the House in a letter to "act promptly to pass a (bill) to fund the government and to raise the debt ceiling," and then to return to health care, tax reform and other issues.

Whatever its ultimate impact on Republican lawmakers, the letter stands as a counter to an aggressive campaign by tea party-aligned groups including the Senate Conservatives Fund, Heritage Action and the Club for Growth in recent weeks to generate support for legislation to defund the administration's health care overhaul.

We wait for insight from Pauline Marois, PQ PM.

Eugenics 2.0 redux : the drama (unhyphenated)

If the philosopher has said

"If man can be made to salivate by the mere mention of food, then anything is possible"

then Eugenics 2.0 may be the answer indeed : breed men who only salivate postprandial ! And if this first can be done for one appetite, then why not another ?

This would accomplish — with the one blow — what feminism could not do as a movement : produce men who only desire to be with a woman after The Act !

Monday, September 16, 2013

GTD workflowy freemium

I am trying WorkFlowy at as another freemium alternative to Trello and Wunderlist.  If has more features than the latter but fewer than the former.

So far I am very impressed.  And yes, it does have @ and # tags for tagging items.  Just type. Place cursor and type. So easy I have to remind myself not to look for HOW, but just to Do it !