Saturday, July 28, 2012

Japanese kanji

If you are learning to read Japanese, I have two web pages in plain HTML (no Japanese font, no JavaScript.)

One web page is for the joyo kanji and one is a page of the Henshall kanji.

Both can be used with the Curl applications for Joyo kanji recall and Henshall kanji recognition (but for these, the MIT Curl browser plugin* from is required.)

Images of these pages and app's can be seen at where you can pick some pages by clicking on images of that page.

Versions of my Curl kanji pages with interactive mnemonic features are coming soon!  Android mobile app's are in the works at

The pages and app's above all use the dictionary definitions found on-line in kanjidic2.

* that plugin is called the Surge® RTE (RunTime Engine)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Springpad security

While trying to get Springpad to run this morning, I made an error in my passphrase on the penultimate attempt. Now running, Springpad came back wiith "Incorrect password for user tel-et-tel". Wrong ! 

The correct response would be  "Incorrect user name or password."   OR.

What can a private notebook be worth if the vendor is that slack?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pynchon and Gaddis : 3 google novels

Three novels in plain-HTML google book viewport iframe ONLY.

Thomas Pynchon's "Gravity's Rainbow" in plain-HTML wrapper for the google book at

William Gaddis' "JR" and his "The Recognitions" at

Now back to my improved alternative epub reader ...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Screen Play

There is no mention of 'Huguenot' in Galsworthy's Forsyte books but there is a derisive remark about a governess in the more recent screen adaptation.

Unless a bit of on set nastiness or some tasteless interjection by an actor, it may be an excess of screen writer wit: Henry James'  "The Turn of the Screw" has an acting-governess styled "Grose".

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Curl Knowte Pages

There is a Curl equivalent to now available at

The former is comprised of 4 HTML text areas and the latter is comprised of 4 Curl TextArea instances placed within PanedWindow instances.

What Curl offers is a variety persistence options without JavaScript.

Index.html above is safe to copy to your local machine as a simple source inspection will reveal.  To the best of my knowledge, the text areas will re-size only in Firefox or Pale Moon or an equivalent.  TextArea persistence during an HTML session may depend on your Firefox configuration (whether a closed tab can re-open with the text content intact.)

Below is an example with one area using RichText.

If your browser settings require a HTML wrapper for Curl, you might use this link.

A page with fully resizable widgets (vertical and horizontal) is here.

Pale Moon Browser

I have been running tests on the Pale Moon alternative Firefox build and I am very pleased.

One high point for me is that a layout error in Firefox 13 is not present (it affects my Curl kanji review applets when minimizing the browser to the size of the applet.)

Pale Moon is recovering memory after Tools | Clear Recent History which is a welcome change.

This build may be the answer for any netbook running an Atom processor with the Windows 7 starter version.

The wikipedia article on Pale Moon is here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

matsuri notes

My notes for the Japanese matsuri kanji page ( 祭り ) started at as shown below (the re-sized text areas are using a Firefox feature.

I do not add JavaScript or use cookies in those pages - but what Firefox is doing to preserve the content if I accidentally close the tab - that's another matter. "Unclose Tab" restores the content.

Knowte Pages

I have added some web pages to serve as scratch pads over at

The pages are PLAIN HTML ( as in NOT HTML5 ) and use no JavaScript, no cookies and no pluings.

But they can be re-sized – which I find very useful – if run in the Firefox browser.

These are session only notes that go POOFFFF!!! if you exit the browser.

I find them handy for holding google translate results and wiktionary results during a Japanese Kanji study session.

I may add variants with JavaScript or calls to an API as

For another option, try which runs the code from defunct

The task-specific browsers and site-specific browsers at have toolbars with a variety of annotation options.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


(my last two Facebook posts today – after Tweets on same ...)

How can a PRIVATE notebook on the web open in HTTP and not HTTPS ? But it did and does. Is this why we are to rely on Google and/or Microsoft ? The problem here is not "browser plugins" but something rather more obvious. SpringPad.

Death of the plugin ? SpringPad page in Firefox 13 web browser does not even know that I have their plugin running ! More like a plugin coma. Time for wake-up call? ( see for alternative API ) Oh, death of the API's ? End of the programmer ? The End of design, too, I suppose ? Imagination dead. Imagine.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Plugin Death

The end of Flash on this device or that OS is not the end of the browser plugin.

Those who have an interest in this plugin-death buzz also want their browser to become the OS or their OS to have a, err, plugin, err API-based component rendering HTML5 - ah hell, just have the OS based on HTML5 (call it HTML5-on-the-chip kinda-like LISP-on-a-CHIP, right ? Use the 5th core. Exclusively. Right.  First exit. To South Park.

The user without access to plugins is the dream consumer who cannot tell a computer screen from a TV or a real football game in progress from a simulation of the rained-out game. Or a Perl Parrot from a mature VM,

And also - those escort services at Vegas-style electronics shows -  they, too, will be an imagined thing of the past. Left. Any exit. Also to South Park.

We do apologize: anywhere in the above where we mentioned HTML5 as we meant HTML. This will be repaired when Ruby becomes Ruby 2.1