Saturday, June 30, 2012

keyboard quote

If you are using Windows Language facility with optional keyboard layouts, you may encounter odd behavior with entering quote marks or quotation mark characters. Check first that you have not flipped to International from US for the EN keyboard.

The keyboard icon should offer you the choice. The odd behavior is to facilitate entering accented characters.

A search using  Windows keyboard Language  should get you a useful suggestion from the web mavens.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Japanese kanji by grade: gold on indigo

The Curl applets for Grade-based Japanese Kanji were updated today.

Here is an example with both a popup menu and the FIND panel:

The gold-leaf on paper dyed with indigo motif is one that I first saw in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts collection. In fact, 'indigo', as the boundary between blue and violet, cannot be displayed on computer screens.  My choice is created using HSV parameters sent to the Curl classes for Color and Background.  The 'gold' is also not the www standard.  Results will vary depending on your software and hardware.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

NASA's other remnants: web trash

If you have an older browser such as IE 8 you will be able to see what NASA has left partially visible on the internet:

If you have a newer browser, the half-missing HTML may leave a blank page until you request to view the page source.

Here is a snapshot:

Innovators at NASA need more than just the Dragon capsule to take out the trash: not everything published by NASA deserves a place to drift in an internet orbit.

There are still people using Google to find hope in the invention of this convicted Blue Cross fraudster and known fake-MD quack who may once have been a vet assistant.

Did someone delete one half of this page?  Will it persist as a web archive?

Note: the "Doctor" in question has no medical credential of any kind and his Foundation was used to defraud Blue Cross - for which he has been convicted in Louisiana.  His "invention" was grossly over-priced and failed to obtain a patent.  Was a journalist innovating here?

Linkedin passwords

My two twitter posts this A.M. were the question:

Q  is still accepting dumb passwords from users ?

and the answer:

G. Robert Shiplett ‏@rshifflet

linkedin rejected 2 moronic efforts but allowed me 'password~2' Do any pass-phrases begin with 'pass' + 'word' ?