Friday, January 23, 2015

settings for Android skins on Smart Keyboard Pro

If you did not start life with an Android phone, adding a "skin" or theme to the Smart Pro keyboard may not be as obvious as the Forum web page text suggests.

You must know that to the right of the keyboard choices are identical "slider" icons on the "Settings" page for Keyboard and Input and THAT ICON in THAT row is the settings they mean for you to click on.

When THAT settings page opens for Smart Keyboard Pro you will see the skins IFF you have placed the zip files in a /skins directory or 'folder' in the root of sdcard0 using a filesystem tool.

The 'forum' page should have an image of the entry Settings page so that you can SEE what they mean.  The keyboard would be so much better if there were an option to have a Settings key as a long click option !

How to set duckduckgo search engine for Opera browser

To enable duckduckgo as the search engine for the Opera browser without installing an extension (Jan. 2015,) the search engine edit details page must be as follows :

How to set ixquick as default search engine for Opera browser

To set ixquick as the default browser search engine for Opera, the search engine edit details must look like this ( as of Jan 2015 ) :

It will flip to safe HTTPS when the page opens.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Murakami fractal


Kafka on the shingle.

Newton at the shore.

It helps to know that in Czech a "kavka" is a jackdaw.