Sunday, June 30, 2013

configure Notepad++ for CoffeeScript

Adding CoffeeScript support to your Notepad++ editor may require a search for the user config file location.

My Windows 7 userDefineLang.xml file was in
which was not where I expected.

The install folder has a langs.model.xml file and the ./plugins/APIs folder has many language XML files. Why not also keep userDefineLang.xml there ? A brute-force upgrading issue ?
The Notepad++ install program already offers choices with regard to AppData ...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Google search broken

This morning my  Google search on
Unicon coexpression HTTP 
returns NO "most relevant results" - pages of results flash up but then disappear - even the very Unicon PDF that I was looking for  - that link flashes up and then Pooffff !

#GoogleBusted #MostRelevantResults #GoogleSearch #Google #ImprovedTesting

Monday, June 10, 2013

Gnu Smalltalk st prompt

oh my gawd - I am at the >st prompt running gst !

Surely building Gnu Smalltalk is the WORST thing about moving to a new flavour of linux !

I gave up trying to get a headless St/X to run on this tiny CentOS VPS - but I still have hope for a headless Pharo.

Otherwise I am doomed to Ruby !!!  Or risk being ingested by Python !!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

organelle, pebble, straw, plow

If, in the course of evolution, species A incorporated members of B as organelles, how is the problem thus solved different from the members of Aves species C ingesting selected pebbles or members of Corvus selecting and bending a straw, stalk or stick  ?

Heidegger's chief error may have been his faux insight into tekne (technique, Technik.) Husserl's second bit of folly was to follow Heidegger on the telescope.

Compare : a philosophical anthropology of play, dance and concept.

[ the chorus heard in response : "Heidegger was not doing philosophical anthropology !" ]

What offended Heidegger were the diesel tractors in the fields.  He took the trains to see and talk with Jaspers on Jaspers' wife's small inheritance (from a business venture?) and would one day take an aeroplane.

[ the chorus : Heidegger and Husserl were on a hike together ... ]

When the hike began, Husserl was going on a hike with Heidegger, but when they returned, Heidegger had taken Husserl somewhere the old professor need not have gone - or gone along with ( mit-fahren ) ...

Friday, June 7, 2013

MIT processing programming language for artists

The MIT processing programming language for artists has reached version 2.0 -

but I will stay with MIT Curl as a mature expression-based language with its Lisp-like features.

That said, processing is now 64-bit and OpenGL. But. Curl has great libraries, "live code" as documentation and and IDE  written in Curl itself ...

Note : expression-based Icon programming language has graphics in Icon, Unicon and ObjectIcon and Rebol will soon emerge again as rebol3 and the red programming language.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

using a Penzu jounral for notes in Opera Browser

Using Penzu notebooks in the current Opera browser will drive you batty until you realize that new-lines must be SPACE + ENTER.

Now you can edit a page without the text being bashed around up and down the page.

On a Windows device, I use the Pale Moon variant of the Firefox browser : Penzu in Pale Moon works as expected.

Of course, Opera offers a notes sidebar, but that would require using Opera Link to sync your notes.  The point of using Opera in Windows is to get something up faster and lighter, so ...