Friday, February 19, 2016

Red console view GUI

This is a simpler example to paste into a Red console to test the GUI basics of using the view dialect.

view [
    tgl: text "Some test text"
    text 400x30 bold italic blue font-size 16 "Text with properties"
    button "Click Me" [tgl/text: "Text Changed!"]
    field 400 "SELECT this text then Type something into this entry field"
    area 400x200

A Red script might declare that it needs the view module in its header.

The above script was tested with the Feb 19 2016 build of Red.

Red PL do with block

The Red programming language is moving slowly to version 1.0 and today is at 0.5.4

I thought that it might be useful to look at a do block with the prin function when entered at the Red console.

My example is as follows:

do [
  t1: "test1"
  prin t1
  t1: "test2"
  prin t1

The console output will be


and NOT



I think that this is only really clear if you see the example code as

do [
  t1: "test1"
  prin :t1
  t1: "test2"
  prin :t1

The difference above is that each prin function explicitly is being passed the value of t1.

This is what happens in the short-hand or syntactic sugar version of the example as I first presented it.

If a new user of Red imagined that prin was being passed the ADDRESS of t1 or the ADDRESS of its value, one might expect the meta-level do block to output


This is obvious to old-hands from Rebol, but it may not be obvious to users who are new to expression-based languages.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

URL hyenas

The web hyenas are busy and has fallen prey to them, so that is now

Some similar fate may await all things "eclectic-pencil" but a minus-sign as a hyphen in a web name is not worth defending!

Monday, May 18, 2015

How to Cancel a Facebook FRIEND Request

How to Cancel a Facebook Request once it has been SENT : a Yahoo user says to go to that person's Fb page then hover where it reads "Friend Request Sent" as there will be a selection to "cancel request". Click. Done.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

tanaguru color contrast for accessibility

The following 3 URL's give 3 different results from the tanaguru page ... and are all accepted by the tanaguru Firefox plugin.

In each case the background is the brown of #330000.

All of the results are acceptable contrasting colours for text on a brown background ... but I think what a better tool might give is a carousel of results.

Am I missing something ?

Here are my setting :

Friday, January 23, 2015

settings for Android skins on Smart Keyboard Pro

If you did not start life with an Android phone, adding a "skin" or theme to the Smart Pro keyboard may not be as obvious as the Forum web page text suggests.

You must know that to the right of the keyboard choices are identical "slider" icons on the "Settings" page for Keyboard and Input and THAT ICON in THAT row is the settings they mean for you to click on.

When THAT settings page opens for Smart Keyboard Pro you will see the skins IFF you have placed the zip files in a /skins directory or 'folder' in the root of sdcard0 using a filesystem tool.

The 'forum' page should have an image of the entry Settings page so that you can SEE what they mean.  The keyboard would be so much better if there were an option to have a Settings key as a long click option !