Sunday, June 22, 2014

Germain Nouveau et les astres

If Germain Nouveau had lived another 3 years, would he have learned of Hubble's work on the nebulae ? But for that of Monseigneur Georges Lemaître, he would have had to live past 1927 to hear of it.

But from "Immensité", what was his grasp of the facts known of les astres when he emerged as poet and when he emerged from the asylum ?

Would he have been amused to know that Hubble's name would be attached to the work of Lemaître ?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

gmail myself URL

Sometimes I just want to quickly send myself a note that I will see later when I check my gmail.

Assuming that you are currently logged into Google mail, here is a URL that works ( you edit it to suit you ) :

It is HTTPS and ends with tf=1

Note that the %40 is the code for the '@' sign in your gmail id.

my Navajo cousins

Someone says that the Navajo claim to always have been there ... but I prefer the honesty of the Apache, who say that as bandits, they naturally followed the Navajo there.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

architects and conspiracy nutters

Perhaps it is time to require that architects have at least a completed major in physics.  The case for requiring this of civil engineers and structural engineers has already been made.

No, engineers are not scientists, but they must at least be able to distinguish science from utter BS.

And what about historians ?  How little science can be known and still claim to be an historian ?

Anonymous ART of Revolution

The Facebook pages of Anonymous ART of Revolution have very little art but a good deal of sophomoric non sequiturs.

The worst is on Jacob Rothschild ... quite disgusting and eliciting comments from neo-N*zis and other advocates of hate and assassination.