Monday, August 30, 2010

ObjectIcon 2.4 and Cygwin make

ObjectIcon 2.4 is available at

This is the Icon language of the late Ralph Griswold and others as extended by Robert Parlett with class-based objects and Unicode.

If you are a Windows user with Cygwin as your gcc build environment, you will have to recall how to apply env var changes to the current shell: ObjectIcon comes with a handy file which will only be of use if run as
.  ./
where the initial dot ensures that a script not using exit will have its variables export into the scope of the current shell in which it will run.  Just running the script will not set the var's for ObjectIcon to use.

This way you are able to pick up the ObjectIcon env vars such as OIHOME without adding them into a bash rc file or the like.

On my system that file is
# Object Icon path settings

export OIHOME="/cygdrive/i/objecticon-2.4"
export OIBIN="$OIHOME/bin"
export OILIB="$OIHOME/lib"
export OIPATH="$OILIB/main:$OILIB/gui:$OILIB/xml:$OILIB/parser:$OILIB/ipl"
export OIINCL="$OILIB/incl"

Monday, August 23, 2010

IE8 compatibility and leaks links

Microsoft has their IE8 compatibility page here at

There is a useful discussion in the forum at

A long-standing resource is at

David Hammond's shows no blog post since July 24, 2009 at but still has a lot of information.

The wikipedia quirks_mode article at is also useful.

Here are 2 links on Internet Explorer and memory leaks due to closures with circularities impeding GC:
Understanding and Solving Internet Explorer Leak Patterns
Circular Memory Leak Mitigation
At least msdn one page suggested by David Flanagan in the rhino book is now missing.

David Flanagan slides on ECMAScript 5 at

IE9 and ECMAScript 5 link at msdn:

ECMAScript 5 conformance suite link:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camera Obscura and "Back to DSL"

With our re-location we are back to DSL as we are just past the area with Op Fiber to-the-door (this must be one of the few cities with free public wi-fi downtown and to cross the five feet with fiber.

Unlike the typical American publiv library in a small city, the public library here has a shelf of philosophy books both in Dewey 100+ and 180+ including one volume that was a very pleasant surprise.

The biggest treat: a hand controlled "camera obscura" in a dome by the river.  This is not augmented vision with adjusted focus as in a magnifiying glass, a spyglass, a telescope, a film camera or a video camera: this unique manner viewing a display ( I do not say "image") of reflections of the trees on the surface of a flowing river, passing gulls or tourists on the bridge - an artist's permanent installation - alone would be worth the journey.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rebol Quick Reference Card

Over at Carl Sassenrath has posted a Quick Reference Card for Rebol3.  If you only use Rebol occasionally, this could be handy.