Friday, November 30, 2012

Asus 900A EeePC with Puppy linux on SDHC

Getting a suitable linux for my old Asus Eee PC 900A netbook has been a bit of a trial.

Chromium OS was a LOCK-N-FREEZE disaster. Android was only marginally better. There is no straight Ubuntu that is not quirky and a wifi nightmare. And there is the worry that some update to ACPI settings will leave the fan disabled and the Intel Atom CPU toasted.

Today I finally have what MAY be workable: Puppy linux for Eee PC. I have one basic version on the SSD and a version with some add-ins on an SDHC chip.

 Two web pages were essential :

From the latter, I install the drivers (the first and then the group-of-4.) Click DOWNLOAD but don't download when prompted : opt to open in the default package installer. You will have to start with an ethernet cable and use the simple connection tool once the drivers are in place for wifi.

The default browser is SeaMonkey, so on the expendable SDHC chip I have installed Chromium. Firefox is also available as a package already listed for download in the pakage manager. So far, so good ...

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Robert Shiplett said...

Puppy linux version is "Precise Puppy" 5.4.1