Thursday, December 17, 2009

PHP nanoweb on Ubuntu

I was restarting the latest Ubuntu PHP nanoweb on my netbook when I saw a shell script error message.  A run through the file nanoctl in my /usr/sbin revealed a few issues - particular if trying to use the simple status option.  To make matters worse, the script is hard-coded with "lynx" as the browser name -  while my Ubuntu defaults to Galeon (but I prefer Epiphany.)

If you care to look over an alternative, I have a version with extension .sh over at

The edited version is set for the Gnome Epiphany browser for linux - you may wish to edit  the BROWSER var. Note that the /usr/sbin/nanoweb file is what is commonly referred to as nanoweb.php

Like PHP programming, unix shell scripting sometimes can be a somewhat arcane art.

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